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Since centuries is the Near East a favorite destination for travelers from the west. But Jordan is a newcomer. But this country offers much more than desert, sand, camels and Bedouin. There are amazing mountains, castles, ruins of buildings from the old Rome civilization. It’s an ideal place for a family holiday! Jordanian people are well known as very friendly and hospitable. They´ll open their doors for all who want to experience a remarkable country with wonderful nature and very special historical places.

You can combine a culture trip with a relaxed beach vacation easily. Your kids will be excited to discover the old Roman amphitheater as well as the stony dead sea coast. Just some examples should make you curios about our nice country, which improved its attractiveness for tourists a lot in the last decades.

Amman Dukes DiwanThe Amman city

The pulsing old town of the capital Amman has a unique atmosphere, the diversity of colors, noises and smells make a lasting impression for all senses. You can visit one of the big markets, were in shops or under the open sky are offered goods of all kinds. There are clothes close to vegetables or fish and meat. A must to visit is the old roman amphitheater. Even your children will like to climb up the high steps to have a breathtaking sight over a wide area of Amman. Further you can find a lot of restaurants and coffee shops, museums and shops for souvenirs or antiquities.

Petra Siq To TreasuryThe rock city Petra

Petra is built – better: it’s carved into the rocks – in the sixth century. The famous treasury can be reached by camel, donkey or horse in approximately thirty minutes. It’s also possible to hike or climb in and around Petra. An unforgettable experience is certainly to see Petra by night, when 1800 candle light the path to the treasury and the Bedouin plays their traditional instruments.

In Petra you can by a popular souvenir: bottles with colored sand which are artistically designed.

Flouting In Dead sea The Dead Sea

Have you ever felt to float on water without swimming? The dead sea is the only place you can. The salinity is as high that nothing can survive in it and that the water can carry you easily even you cannot swim. Also, it’s the deepest waters of the earth and the deepest point you can go. The water and the mud of the dead sea has a lot of positive effects on our health.

Mud PartyKids entertainment

In addition to many other destinations in Jordan there are Mall with playgrounds, water parks and other offers especially for children such as the children´s museum and children clubs. So, we´d like to welcome you with your whole family and help you to have wonderful and unforgettable holidays.


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