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Jordan Travels Attraction for Tourists

Dead Sea ActivitiesDead Sea-in-Jordan A foundation of the economy is the tourism previously in Jordan. With its large sector of employement , tourism is very responsible for the economic growth of Jordan. Let’s recall that in 2010 statistics showed that more than 6 million tourists traveled to Jordan and most of those turists were from Europian and Arab countries. Even Tourism Ministry states that “Jordan is the home to around 100.000 archeological and tourist”s sites. The tourists most well visited and preserved two cities are Petra and Jerash, the historical sites of these two cities are the most important tourist attractions of the Kingdom. En general Jordan is also considered as the Holly Land with the several biblical attractions. Frequently Pilgrims visit Jordan. Known from histories, Jesus Christ was baptized in the biblical location of All-Maghtas. There are also several Islamic sites in Jordan.
On the site, one can find famous shrines of the prophet’s companions. The modern entertaiement the location offering is key point of tourists attraction and also the diversion and recreation.


In Amman for example tourists enjoy visiting bars, nightclubs and restaurants. In the supermakets, in some restaurants and bars alcohol, liquor are avaiable to tourists. Jordan has gorgeous areas of interest for hikers.
AmmanSeveral international tourist retreats are found at the seaside. An example here is the area of the dead Sea. There are also many lakes in the Jordan areas. Those lakes have exceptional notoriety that attract in numerous visitors every year. The climate in Jordan shows many variations from very hot to cool. In general, once notices that the further you go inland from the Mediterranean, the greater the contrasts in temperature are. There is not very much rainfall in Jordan. In summer the temperature varies between 30 and 33 degres with hot and dry air.
The winter period lasts from November till March and the average temperature then is 14 degrees. We all can see now that Jordan for sure is an attractive and interesting place to visit and spend some time at.
People are very friendly,kind and helpful to tourists and are respectful towards children. It is certainly a place you should not miss to have traveled too and have some memories.
Enjoy your trip.