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Aqaba Jordan Tourism

Aqaba HotelWhen I was planning my trip to Jordan, the first friend of mine that I asked how about tourism trip to Jordan, he said you definitely have to go to Aqaba. Then I was like what is Aqaba. He was like you are from coastal city, so Aqaba will be you desire. There I understood that it is a coastal city. I conclude that I will have beach for my holiday. Exactly Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan even said to be the largest and most populous city on the Gulf of Aqaba. Situated in southernmost Jordan, Aqaba is the administrative center of the Aqaba Governorate. The main activities in the city are tourism and trade. This confirm that I am going to visit a truistical city. When the city is famous in tourism, that means find hotels, tours is easy.

That was my exciting. The most interesting is you can get people or groups of tourists to gather together. Another point was the location of Aqaba. Forms with Wadi Rum and Petra a triangle of tourism. Been in Aqaba gives you easy way to get to Petra or Wadi Rum. These are other tourism attraction sites of the country. Due to Aqaba desert climate with a warm winter and a hot dry summer, tourists can be found all the yeah. As you can imagine there is a lot to do in Aqaba. When you are ready and excited to trip the welcome to seaport and a booming tourist city. Leave yourself to happiness.


Aqaba In Water activitiesIn Water activities

I was told that tourists love Aqaba for many reasons. I also could enjoy it at first from its fun-in-the-sun culture and beautiful resorts and several water activities it offers. This started when I got scuber diving tour. There I got chance to go deep in water and discover another life. I was diving and surround by sea turtles, fishes. Even you can see some old historical materials deep in the Red Sea. That was my very first water activity. Another chance you can have while diving is you can meet with coral reefs. Those are with all kind of colors. From blue to white, red, green and even yellow. You will see fishes’ different type and colors. Scuber dive and meet aqua life in Red Sea. The water temperature of Red Sea is perfect for swimming and diving, perfect for swimming and diving. That is buzzing with life. Even if you are with kids, you can swim and dive. I cannot be in Aqaba without going to beach. Aqaba Beach is nice to enjoy. That is what I call beach vacation. The beach is very close to the city and from beach you can even walk to beach town. Depending on your choice you can take boat and go to open water all day. You can lay along the beach and swim as much as you can. 

Aqaba attractive PlacesAqaba attractive Places

They are so many nice places to visit in Aqaba and its surround. The small Red Sea port of Aqaba is unique and beautiful in a very special way. Just few walk you can get to the port and look the activities. The place is encircled by rugged purple mountains that you can see from the city. According to your interest you will not like to miss Manluk Fort, Arctaeological Museum, was originally a Crusader Castle. By passing just remember all the fish restaurant along the way to the port. There are so many things to see when you get to Aqaba. For example, craftsmen with their design talents. Thanks to Sherazade Travel, your Aqaba tours will be as a dream.